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Safe and easy home removals

Moving house with Potburys Removals

Packing and moving the contents of your home is a massive undertaking, especially during an often stressful time. Our home removals service will alleviate the pressure and ensure your possessions are delivered safely to their new home.


Packing service

Packing up your household is a time-consuming task that can sometimes take weeks to complete. To make your move as easy as possible and speed up the process, we offer a complete or partial packing service. You can relax knowing all the packing is taken care of (usually the day before the move) or have selected items packed by our professional team. However, if you prefer to pack everything yourselves, we can supply all the necessary materials to assist with your packing.

Specialist removals


High-value and specialist items, including antiques, works of art and pianos, require professional care. We’re trained to move these unique possessions so you can rest assured that even your most precious items will be safely transported and delivered to your new home

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