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Moving House

Boxes & Packing When Moving House

We would always advise you to have the packing done by professionals and our staff are all trained to carefully pack your possessions. If however you prefer to pack the house contents yourself, allow plenty of time and make sure anything small enough to be in a box is in a box.


Never overfill boxes or leave items protruding from the top.


Label each box with the destination room that you would like the box to be put in at your new property and with a rough description of the contents.

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Pile of Boxes

If we're moving you, we will supply the packaging boxes

If you're moving yourselves, we can supply packaging boxes and materials.

Advice - How To Pack Particular Items

China, Ornaments And Breakables

  • Put a layer of screwed-up packing paper in the bottom of the box to act as a cushion, then place a layer of strong or heavy china across the bottom. Add another layer of china, each separately wrapped in a sheet of packing paper. Continue until the box is almost full, placing lighter, more delicate items at the top. Finally, add another layer of screwed-up packing paper approximately two inches thick before sealing the removal box with packing tape.

  • Wrap crockery individually in tissue paper/wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

  • Stack plates on their sides.

  • Wrap cutlery in small bundles with all sharp knives facing the same way.

  • Jugs, teapots and items with handles should have extra padding and be packed upright.

  • Boxes with breakable contents should be clearly marked "FRAGILE".


  • Books can be heavy, so always pack them into smaller boxes.

  • Never fill a medium or large box with books, as it may be too heavy to move.


  • Any clothing on a clothes hanger should be put in a wardrobe box or wardrobe cage.

  • Clothing in drawers can generally remain in the drawers.

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